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add a definition file for typescript

See original GitHub issue


For some project, I use TypeScript in react. The react-lottie package is not compatible with TypeScript because TypeScript requires a variable definition file to work properly (FlowType also uses it for variable definitions).

I propose a draft definition file (I’m not sure it’s 100% compatible with your code)

declare module 'react-lottie' {
   * @param loop if the animation must be continue after the animation has fully executed
   * @param autoplay if the animation needs to be started when the react component requests rendering
   * @param animationData require here the animation data in format JSON
   * @param rendererSettings
  interface LottieBodymovinOptionProps {
    loop?: boolean,
    autoplay?: boolean,
    animationData: any,
    rendererSettings?: {
      preserveAspectRatio?: any
      context?: any, // the canvas context
      scaleMode?: 'noScale' | any,
      clearCanvas?: boolean,
      progressiveLoad?: boolean, // Boolean, only svg renderer, loads dom elements when needed. Might speed up initialization for large number of elements.
      hideOnTransparent?: boolean, //Boolean, only svg renderer, hides elements when opacity reaches 0 (defaults to true)
      className?: string,

   * @param eventName the event sent by bodymovin
   * @param callback a callback execute when this eventName is received.
  interface BodymovinEvent {
    eventName: 'complete' | 'loopComplete' | 'enterFrame' | 'segmentStart' | 'config_ready' | 'data_ready' | 'loaded_images' |
    'DOMLoaded' | 'destroy',
    callback: () => void,

   * Props of Lottie component
   * @param options the object representing the animation settings that will be instantiated by bodymovin.
   * @param height height size of the animation in pixel, default value is 100%
   * @param width width size of the animation in pixel, default value is 100%
   * @param isStopped must be stocked in a state, boolean that describe if the animation must be in stopped mode
   * @param isPaused must be stocked in a state, boolean that describe if the animation must be in paused mode
   * @param eventListeners optional [default: []], This is an array of objects containing a eventName and callback function that will be registered as eventlisteners on the animation object. refer to bodymovin#events where the mention using addEventListener, for a list of available custom events.
  interface LottiePropsType {
    options: LottieBodymovinOptionProps,
    height?: number | string,
    width?: number | string,
    isStopped: boolean,
    isPaused: boolean,
    eventListeners?: Array<BodymovinEvent>
    segments?: Array<number>
    speed?: number | 1,
    direction?: number,
    ariaRole?: string | 'button',
    ariaLabel?: string | 'animation',
    isClickToPauseDisabled?: boolean,
    title?: string,
   * @component Lottie is a component that allow you to use animation from JSON file that created by
   * Bodymovin on Adobe After Effect
  class Lottie extends React.Component<LottiePropsType, any> {}
  export default Lottie;

Note : this code must be in a file whose name ends in .d.ts. More documentation here

Note : you must probably add a new css rule to remove the blue outline when the mac user clicks on the animation exemple

  .myAnimationDiv {
    outline: 0;

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Ricki-BumbleDevcommented, Oct 3, 2018

As @chenqingspring doesn’t seem to be looking through PRs lately I also made a PR for the DefininetlyTyped repo, as recommended by @TanelVari, which got merged and published today:

jadboxcommented, Aug 14, 2018

@Kana00 mind starting a PR for this?

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