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Question related to #91

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This is a question related to #91. I did not want to mess up the discussion there:

I don’t know, if this helps, but I experience a situation where I run my WebDAV server on top of Cheroot. Benchmarks show that it is very slow compared to using Gevent. This only occurs when uploading a lot of files using File Explorer. macOS Finder behaves way better, so it is also related to the request sequence used (see mar10/wsgidav#149). I am not sure what exactly is happening there, but increasing the thread count helps. When it’s slow, the console output looks like timeouts every few seconds, so I figured it may be addressed by this issue I tried with pip install git+ and setting back to 10 threads, which I think is the default. but the performance did not increase compared to Gevent. I you think this is related to issue 91, I can send more debug info or run test versions here. Otherwise, simply close this…

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mar10commented, May 20, 2019

This is a major improvement compared to the previous runs (see this comment 3. and 4.). Copying 300 files à 1MB, using cheroot with 10 threads: image The first 200 files get copied pretty fast, so cheroot become usable with a low thread count for me now!

Same with 100 threads does not show much of a difference: image

Still not quite as fast as gevent, but anyways: image

Note that the raw PUT throughput seems not to be the problem. It’s more the handling of different involved WebDAV requests I assume.

mar10commented, Oct 12, 2019

Did only a smoke test, but it seems to be fixed. Thanks!

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