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Can we have assets in a separate directory to the main html file?

See original GitHub issue

So my previous webpack config would generate something which looked like this. html-webpack-plugin

├── index.html
└── ui-assets
    ├── assets-manifest.json
    ├── main.d2fe0910b8.js
    ├── vendor.67dfc8f6a1.js

This was useful to us because we didn’t want the main entry point (index.html) to be hashed. it also allowed us to serve static assets from a different place.

@chialab/esbuild-plugin-html@0.15.0 generates this:

├── 1-25MTWOSN.js
├── 1-LCOOVKTY.css
└── index-LJMJ3LED.html

We don’t want the main entry point hashed, and we would like the assets (JS and css files) to be in a separate directory.

Is this possible for you to implement?

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  • Created 2 years ago
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edoardocavazzacommented, Mar 4, 2022

Oops, I forgot a console.log, removed in 0.15.4.

I hadn’t see before that your assets were CSS and JS files. Those files are considered chunks by esbuild, not assets. You have to set chunkNames: 'assets/[name]-[hash]' too.

jasonwilliamscommented, Mar 9, 2022

Hey @edoardocavazza I just noticed in watch mode (not serve), its generating new assets but the html file isn’t being updated to point to the new ones. I think this may be a bug

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