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hi, love the app. Work with validators was strange for me since app sends all data as one list while validators usually expect single element so I used custom interface for validators defined as an argument for MultiuploadField. Since version 1.11 django claim to use default validator for ImageField and in one of early releases they actually set it and it broke MultiImageField and such. Problem is the same: MultiuploadField send list to Image validators while they expect single element so something like

    def run_validators(self, value):
        value = value or []
        for item in value:
            super(MultiUploadMetaField, self).run_validators(item)

will allow MultiUploadMetaField to work out of box. cheers o/

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illagrenancommented, Aug 16, 2017

Thanks @marojenka for your solution, I had the same issue. To expand your post, here is my full solution to run validators with multiple files:

# my_project/fields
from multiupload.fields import MultiImageField

class ValidatedMultiImageField(MultiImageField):
    def run_validators(self, value):
        value = value or []

        for item in value:
# usage in
class FooModelForm(forms.ModelForm):
    attachments = ValidatedMultiImageField()
    # ...
dreaquilcommented, Nov 8, 2021

Hi @marojenka,

I’m currently on Django 3.2 and django-multiupload 0.6.1. You’re right, #41 is identical as it is the issue that lead me to this one.

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