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createElement called multiple times even when update always return false

See original GitHub issue

There is a decent chance I misunderstood the README, but I was expecting createElement only be called once if update always returned false, to make embedding of other DOM elements easier.

This doesn’t always seem to be the case when using multiple components. Here is a test-case:

// save as app.js

var html = require('nanohtml')
var morph = require('nanomorph')
var Button = require('./component.js')

var c1 = new Component('a')
var c2 = new Component('b')

var tick = 0

// render both 10 times
for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {

// some render function that just updates a counter
function render (c) {
  const b = html`<body>
      ${c.render('hi:' + tick++)}

  morph(document.body, b)
// save as component.js

// This component is the one from the README in the section about mutable components.
// Modified to write out every time createElement is called.

var Nanocomponent = require('nanocomponent')
var html = require('nanohtml')
class Component extends Nanocomponent {
  constructor () {
    this.text = ''
  createElement (text) {
    console.log('Calling createElement')
    this.text = text
    return html`<h1>${text}</h1>`
  update (text) {
    if (text !== this.text) {
      this.text = text
      this.element.innerText = this.text   // Directly update the element
    return false                           // Don't call createElement again
  unload (text) {
    console.log('No longer mounted on the DOM!')

module.exports = Component

Running the above app will result in 20 createElements being written out. If only one component is used then it’s only written out once. Is that working as expected? If so how would you embed a third party dom element.

For now we’ve published a fork of nanomorph that supports short circuiting “guarded” elements for this using and

Thanks for all the great stuff btw! 😃

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  • Created 5 years ago
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mafintoshcommented, Jan 29, 2019

Thanks @ungoldman, that explains the behaivor. I’d suggest we update the example in the README to be more clearer about this,, to not confuse someone else 😃

ungoldmancommented, Jan 25, 2019

Was wondering if you could use npx to execute a bin from an arbitrary github repo… you can!

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