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easier way of using HTML entities

See original GitHub issue

Using innerHTML to insert the odd HTML entity such as   as described in the wiki is OK. But when HTML entities are used all over the place, this quickly becomes unwieldy. I wish there was some way to keep using the entities inline.

Is there another reason to escape all text other than prevention of XSS from user entered text? If there isn’t, I think the default of escaping everything is wrong and should be changed (if possible).

When writing plain old HTML, people are used their <tags> being interpreted accordingly, just like their &entities;, and the rest used as is (i.e. unescaped). I wish bel could mirror that experience.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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jondashkylecommented, Jul 12, 2017

Just wanted to chime in on this now that the module has evolved some. I hear the safety concerns, but with the added SSR capabilities of Pelo, this would be really handy. For example, I’m formatting text, which I’ve properly sanitized, as markdown formatter. Currently to do this requires:

var input = 'Some **sanitized** text!'
var text = markdown(input)
var element = bel`<div></div>`
element.setInnerHTML = text

Up till the addition of Pelo this was cool, but when using .toString() for some SSR jazz, the DOM isn’t around, and the element ends up being blank. I’ve hit this a few times recently, both when working on some SSR stuff, and when creating a little static site generator with Choo. Obv loosing a big benefit of SSR when used on a page with a lot of copy.

You can see this in action when visiting my site:

Source here:

Could be a great add?! 🎉 (cc: @yoshuawuyts)

goto-bus-stopcommented, Mar 13, 2018

added in #86

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