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Updating default config

See original GitHub issue

I was thinking if we should modify the default configuration in some ways. I’d like to hear your opinions and comments on this subject. I will list the changes that could be made. Please tell if there are more changes you would like to propose.

  1. Hidraw mode as default (#88)
    • The raw / direct bluetooth mode is the default because back in the early days there was no kernel support for the controllers, so it was the only possible mode. However, modern distributions have newer versions of Linux kernel and Bluez, so hidraw works.
    • I think hidraw mode is fundamentally better and with the latest commits and pending pull requests it will support all features in ds4drv. It also supports USB mode.
    • This is breaking change for people that do not specify the hidraw mode in their current configuration. And it might be that hidraw doesn’t work for everybody, and some people may prefer the temporary connection to actually pairing the controllers.
    • I will definitely want to everybody’s opinion on this one. Do you prefer to use hidraw or raw bluetooth?
  2. Trackpad mouse enabled on controller 1
    • I think most people would prefer if trackpad mouse was enabled by default on the first controller. It can be disabled in the configuration.
  3. Battery flash by default
    • Battery flash could be enabled on all controllers by default.
  4. Emulate xpad by default
    • Most games are made for the Xbox 360 controller and seems that emulate-xpad works with most games as intended.
    • However, some games might actually support DualShock 4, and this could break that support.
    • The original DS4 mode could be a default profile in the default configuration.
  5. Mouse sensitivity 0.8 (#87)
    • This is just a matter of preference, but I think mouse sensitivity 0.8 is better than 0.6.
  6. Mouse deadzone 4
    • The current default mouse deadzone is 5, and it may be the best value. For my controller I think 4 also works without problems. However, some controllers might have issues with the value 4. I’d like to hear if 4 works for you, or if the default 5 should be kept.

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  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:6 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Apecommented, Jul 3, 2016
  1. The pairing can be done in multiple ways. For example there is a plugin in Bluez that automatically pairs the controller when it is plugged in with USB. But it might be possible to implement a pairing assistant that calls bluetoothctl and guides the user. I agree that pairing should be easier before hidraw can become the default. Let’s discuss this in #88.
Enigma0commented, Aug 28, 2016

Should definitely have hidraw enabled by default and xpad/xboxdrv enabled by default. Having trouble myself getting the controller to work with anything other than Steam Big Picture (no games) -

All I had to do with hidraw was pair the controller in my systems bluetooth manager and it connected and was recognized.

Also definitely have the touchpad enabled by default. Pretty awesome feature.

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