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Error when Sweeping | Implement blockchain.scripthash.listunspent method

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Tried using Electrum sweep private keys feature, and repeatedly got the following error.

ERROR:2019-04-03 17:36:04,827: *** BUG! Not handling method: blockchain.scripthash.listunspent query={'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'method': 'blockchain.scripthash.listunspent', 'id': 11040, 'params': ['bc0a68156d2f5cea242b8a79d82623afd3f7d157ec4e229bdc8ab3e87db0fb']}
ERROR:2019-04-03 17:39:12,518: IOError: ConnectionAbortedError(10053, 'An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine', None, 10053, None)

Not sure if you plan to support sweeping, but thought I’d report it.

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:7 (3 by maintainers)

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shesekcommented, Jun 11, 2019

If the address is already imported and scanned, couldn’t this be delegated to the listunspent rpc command with the third argument set to the address?

Edit: Oh, but this wouldn’t really work well with the “Sweet private key” feature, which is typically used with standalone keys that aren’t part of the wallet, and so aren’t previously imported/scanned.

CherryDTcommented, Nov 27, 2019

@shesek This would be totally sufficient for my purposes I believe, would you have any hint at how to add this? For example I’m not sure how to get the data that I need for the response fields.

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