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Get all fields in related model

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Is there a way to get all the fields in a related model instead of having to explicitly follow individual relationships with the double underscore notation ('offer__provider')?

For example I have the following statement:

productapps = ProductApplication.objects.all().select_related('offer')

And I want to turn that queryset into a dataframe with all the fields from ProductApplication and Offer.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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pathwaycommented, Jul 3, 2017

This is how I solved it myself, in case it is useful to you at all.

Given class Parent, and class Child with FK to Parent:

fr = Child.objects.select_related('parent').values_list(*cols)
df=pd.DataFrame.from_records(data=list(fr),columns=cols )
  • with this approach, I had to list cols manually
  • values() did not work (it complained about not recognizing parent__field which I thought was very strange), I had to use values_list for some reason. I did not realize values and values_list should act differently in this way?
pathwaycommented, Jul 4, 2017

Yes I benefit from open source 100%, and am happy to contribute wherever reasonable!

However, no I have not benefited from this project at all yet, because it did not do what I needed, which is: Get fields in related model. I provided my solution code above, “at no cost to you” as you say.

If I saw a simple way to integrate my solution code with this project, I may be willing to do so. But at the moment, its simpler for me to just use the 3 lines above. After briefly looking at this project’s source code, its not clear to me that the approach I took in my 3 lines would be directly helpful.

Of course I wish you the best with this project! Your goal is to connect two excellent open source frameworks which is awesome.

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