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[nuget] Publish a nuget package without a hyphen

See original GitHub issue

Currently it’s not possible to use Raylib-cs for .NET 7 WASM build due to the hyphen in the name. I reported the issue to dotnet/runtime and it has been already fixed and merged to main, see

However it might take a while before we see that in 7.0.x as I requested in ⬆️. Right now the target is 7.0.3 of the back-port PR:

Even if they manage to successfully back-port the fix to 7.0.3, based on 6.0.3 it would take 3+ months before we see that.

So yes, admittedly publishing a nuget package without a hyphen would basically be a workaround for broken functionality in dotnet. I can try to prepare the .csproj and adjust a GitHub workflow if there is enough interest.

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ChrisDillcommented, Dec 21, 2022

Thanks! No need to report separately. We can track those issues in your project. Though worth mentioning #118 could maybe help with ensuring the same emscripten version is used.

diskettemancommented, Dec 20, 2022

So far I found these issues:

I can report them separately and also report a WebAssembly build, however it’s more complicated because raylib must be compiled with the very same version of emscripten as the project. It’s because emscripten doesn’t follow semver (mentioned here).

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