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stop() listener doesn't trigger

See original GitHub issue

I’m using recorder in React in conjunction with wavesurfer.js to show the waves of recording and then create a player to listen the recording

// in App.tsx
import { register } from 'extendable-media-recorder';
import { connect } from 'extendable-media-recorder-wav-encoder';
useEffect(() => {
    async function init() {
      await register(await connect());
  }, []);

// in component file
import { IMediaRecorder, MediaRecorder } from 'extendable-media-recorder';
class ComponentName extends Component<props, state>{
  waveSurfer?: WaveSurfer;
  mediaRecorder?: IMediaRecorder;
  async componentDidUpdate(prevProps: SamplePageProps, prevState: SamplePageState) {
    // recording state tracks the clicks on record button
    if (this.state.recording && !prevState.recording) {
    // Initializing wavesurfer to show waves
      this.waveSurfer = WaveSurfer.create({
        container: '#waveform',
        height: 38,
        waveColor: '#666666',
        barWidth: 1,
        interact: false,
        barHeight: 34,
        plugins: [MicrophonePlugin.create()],
      const audioChunks: any[] = [];
      this.waveSurfer.microphone.on('deviceReady', stream => {
        this.mediaRecorder = new MediaRecorder(stream, { mimeType: 'audio/wav' });
        if (!this.mediaRecorder) return;
        this.mediaRecorder.addEventListener('dataavailable', (event: any) => {

          () => {
            // doesn't trigger
            console.log('stop', audioChunks);
            const audioBlob = new Blob(audioChunks, { type: 'audio/wav' });
            const audioUrl = URL.createObjectURL(audioBlob);
            this.addNewRecord({ id: this.state.recordedSamples.length, audioUrl, selected: false, blob: audioBlob });
  toggleRecording = () => {
    if (this.state.recording) {
      if (!this.waveSurfer || !this.mediaRecorder) return;
      // prints correct mediarecorder object with all the methods
      console.log('this mediarecorder', this.mediaRecorder);
      this.props.logEvent('Stop sample recording', {
        url: this.props.location.pathname,

When I click the button to stop recording, toggleRecording function works as it should, but console log in stop listener doesn’t print, and nothing described there works. The same setup with opus-media-recorder works as it should, but I find your library more convenient to use, would appreciate any tips 😃

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

chrisguttandincommented, May 18, 2021

Hi @mylnikovD, thanks for raising that issue. The sad answer is that the stop event hasn’t been implemented yet. It should be fairly straightforward to add it though. I will try to do it on the weekend.

chrisguttandincommented, May 22, 2021

Version 6.3.0 does now fire a stop event.

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