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Unable to find native AudioParam on connection

See original GitHub issue

I’m trying to integrate standardized-audio-context into Tone.js, but i’m getting an issue when i try to use it in a simple Oscillator: Uncaught Error: A value with the given key could not be found.

Here’s how i reproduced it:

For context, the oscillator uses two ConstantSourceNodes connected to the frequency and detune of the OscillatorNode. it seems to cause an issue when the constant source is connected to the AudioParam. It is unable to resolve the native AudioParam in the WeakMap. Either the AudioParam has been already garbage collected, which seems unlikely, or possibly it was not added.

Thanks for your help!

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  • Created 4 years ago
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chrisguttandincommented, Aug 27, 2019

After writing the message above yesterday I realized that it is unfortunately not that easy. Up to now we have the following behavior which I think is super confusing.

import { AudioBuffer as StdAudioBuffer } from 'standardized-audio-context';

const nativeAudioBuffer = new AudioBuffer({ length: 1, sampleRate: 44100 });

// This seems reasonable to me:
console.log(nativeAudioBuffer instanceof AudioBuffer); // true
console.log(nativeAudioBuffer instanceof StdAudioBuffer); // false

const stdAudioBuffer = new StdAudioBuffer({ length: 1, sampleRate: 44100 });

// But I think this is confusing:
console.log(stdAudioBuffer instanceof AudioBuffer); // true
console.log(stdAudioBuffer instanceof StdAudioBuffer); // false

I changed that now that an AudioBuffer created with standardized-audio-context also returns true when doing an instanceof check with the constructor exported by standardized-audio-context.

Only the result of the last console.log() from the example above will change when using v21.2.1 (yet to be released) onwards.

// ...
console.log(stdAudioBuffer instanceof AudioBuffer); // true
console.log(stdAudioBuffer instanceof StdAudioBuffer); // true

I hope this makes sense to you as well.

chrisguttandincommented, Aug 26, 2019

Yes an instanceof check will work.

The AudioBuffer implementation is very dirty because by definition an AudioBuffer is the only thing which can be shared across different (Offline)AudioContexts. The constructor in particular is doing something which should normally never be done: 😃

I did all this to make the following work:

import { AudioBuffer } from 'standardized-audio-context';

const nativeAudioContext = new AudioContext();
const nativeAudioBufferSourceNode = new AudioBufferSourceNode(
    { buffer: new AudioBuffer({ length: 1, sampleRate: 44100 }) }
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