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Amending stdlib ArgumentParser

See original GitHub issue

Hi all, Is there a possibility to amend arguments configuration previously set to standard lib ArgumentParser with functionality avaialble in GooeyParser, to keep code DRY?

ie I have previosly created command line app using Argument Parser. For argument named “directory” it used argparse.FileType(‘w’). Now I want to hook up this script to Gooey, but I want “directory” arg to use neat widget=‘FileChooser’ from Gooey, but don’t want to rewrite all cli vesion just because this one thing.

Looking at GooeyParser class I tried achieving the above by amending gooey_parser.parser with cli_parser instance created previously in cli_main (as this attribute is actually ArgumentParser() instance looking at the code - but this didn’t work. Any ideas?

import argparse
cli_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
cli_parser.add_argument('directory', help='path to search files in', type=argparse.FileType('w'))
cli_parser.add_argument('--subdirectories', help='search inside subdirectories', action='store_true')

import gooey
import cli_module

def main():
  gooey_parser = gooey.GooeyParser()
  gooey_parser.parser = cli_module.cli_parser
  gooey_parser.add_argument('directory', help="folder to search in", widget='DirChooser') 
  args = gooey_parser.parse_args()

if __name__ == "__main__":

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:6 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

simplynailcommented, Jan 6, 2020

all right, thanks for help @iamkroot , looks like I have actually approached the problem from the other way around and haven’t stumbled upon --ignore-gooey which should do the trick. Thanks for sharing your monkey patching snippet, will try it out if --ignore-gooey won’t be sufficient

iamkrootcommented, Jan 6, 2020

@simplynail This isn’t exactly what you want, but assuming you can edit the cli_module source, you could convert that ArgumentParser into a GooeyParser (and specify the extra gooey_options), and then just pass an --ignore-gooey as an (implicit) CLI arg by modifying sys.argv when you want to run it as CLI.

To go one step further, and not have a dependency on Gooey for the cli_module, you can monkey patch the stdlib parser to ignore the gooey_options (I did something like that here)

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