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BaseNode402 Transition from 'OPERATION ENABLED' to 'QUICK STOP ACTIVE'

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Hi there,

I have a problem when I do a transition form the state ‘OPERATION ENABLED’ to ‘QUICK STOP ACTIVE’. I always get an ValueError: 'Illegal transition from SWITCH ON DISABLED to QUICK STOP ACTIVE'. Other transitions are working fine, and besides the error, the motor is doing the transition just fine. I came to the conclusion, that the problem may be, that the transition to ‘QUICK STOP ACTIVE’ immediately triggers a transition to ‘SWITCH ON DISABLED’ so that the motor never really is in state ‘QUICK STOP ACTIVE’ so that your routine while self.state != new_state: never gets true and ends up comparing the current state which is ‘SWITCH ON DISABLED’ with ‘QUICK STOP ACTIVE’ which then is an illegal transition.

Do you have an idea how to fix this?

edit: This is my code.

import canopen

Net = canopen.Network()
    Net.connect(bustype='socketcan', channel='can0', bitrate=1000000)
    Node = canopen.BaseNode402(1, '/path_to_my.eds')

    Node.state = 'OPERATION ENABLED' 
    print(Node.state)            ## prints 'OPERATION ENABLED'
    Node.state = 'QUICK STOP ACTIVE'
    print(Node.state)            ## prints 'SWITCH ON DISABLED'

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:13 (2 by maintainers)

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JulianS-Unicommented, Nov 21, 2019


Hm… code 0 seems to define this behavior, but I’m not seeing it for 1 and 2.

Object Index 605A Sub-Index 00 : CANopen_HB_engl.pdf search for 605A

Specifies the behaviour of the device, when it is switched to the state Quick Stop Active by the master.

In state Quick Stop Active, the drive decelerates speed controlled as specified in Quick Stop Option Code until stop and switches to the state Switch On Disabled (power stage disabled).

Her is another AKD CANopen Kommunikationshandbuch DE (REV U).pdf it is german but you can copy paste it to google translator. Bit:

1 — Bremsen mit Verzögerungsrampe und Übergang in "Einschalten Disabled" 2 — Bremsen mit Schnellhaltrampe und Übergang in “Einschalten Disabled” 5 — Bremsen mit Verzögerungsrampe und in “Schnellhalt Aktiv” bleiben 6 — Bremsen mit Schnellhaltrampe und in “Schnellhalt Aktiv” bleiben

It is even in here Nanotec which we linked already.

gsulccommented, Nov 20, 2019

I’d like to chime in on this. Is there any indication that this automatic transition is prevalent among manufactured drives? This seems like non-standard behavior to me, which I think the library should not support, unless the problem lies in not correctly getting the current state.

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