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Documentations mistakes or code issues ?

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distance unit

Your documentation say distances are in kilometers. I tried your library but distance seems not to be kilometers. What is it ? Is it meters ?

var nantes = new LatLon(47.238222,-1.5600561);
var saintNazaire = new LatLon(47.2769351, -2.3091714);
nantes.distanceTo(nazaire); // return 56697.95954334959 - distance in kilometer is approximately 50km

function parameters

Further more your readme give latlon.destinationPoint(distance, bearing[, radius])

But your documentation give destinationPoint(brng, dist)

Which one should we trust ?

strange results

(new LatLon(0, 0)).destinationPoint(100000, 0); // return LatLon { lat: 0.8993216059187306, lon: 0 }
(new LatLon(0, 0)).destinationPoint(100000, 90); // return LatLon { lat: 5.506530518221826e-17, lon: 0.8993216059187716 }
(new LatLon(0, 0)).destinationPoint(100000, 180); // return LatLon { lat: -0.8993216059187306, lon: 0 }
(new LatLon(0, 0)).destinationPoint(100000, 270); // return LatLon { lat: -1.6519591554665477e-16, lon: -0.8993216059187716 }

why results give changes on latitude with a bearing of 90° and 270° ?

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alessandro-gentilinicommented, Sep 30, 2017

@thorinisme About your strange results: in theory I would expect that assuming var p=(new LatLon(0, 0)).destinationPoint(100000, 90) then should be zero. Assuming var p=(new LatLon(0, 0)).destinationPoint(100000, 270) then should be zero too.

Now, with we have that the absolute value of is less than 2e-16 degree; since LatLon(0, 0) is a point lying on the Equator that means that the destination point is not on the Equator (as expected) but it lies 22 picometers northern (or southern) of the Equator.

JamesLMilnercommented, Sep 22, 2017

Would it be worth getting rid of the documentation in the README and instead just linking directly to the JS Docs? That way you only have to maintain the JS Doc.

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