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GitHub action failing with "Storybook package not installed"

See original GitHub issue

With the release of Chromatic CLI v6.0.0 all our GitHub actions using the chromaui/action@v1 are now failing with the following error:

Chromatic CLI v6.0.0

Authenticating with Chromatic
    → Connecting to
Could not retrieve package info from registry; skipping update check
Authenticated with Chromatic
    → Using project token '*'
Retrieving git information
Retrieved git information
    → Commit '*******' on branch 'main'; found 2 parent commits
Collecting Storybook metadata
    → ✖ Storybook package not installed
Could not find @storybook/react in node_modules.
Most likely, you forgot to run npm install or yarn before running Chromatic.

✖ Failed to collect Storybook metadata
✖ Storybook package not installed
Could not find @storybook/react in node_modules.
Most likely, you forgot to run npm install or yarn before running Chromatic.
→ View the full stacktrace below

If you need help, please chat with us at for the fastest response.
You can also email the team at if chat is not an option.

Please provide us with the above CLI output and the following info:
  "timestamp": "2021-09-30T13:35:28.504Z",
  "sessionId": "102360cb-5060-471a-82bd-1600fb5a5512",
  "gitVersion": "2.33.0",
  "nodePlatform": "linux",
  "nodeVersion": "12.13.1",
  "packageName": "chromatic",
  "packageVersion": "6.0.0",
  "flags": {
    "projectToken": "***",
    "workingDir": "packages/console-frontend",
    "fromCI": true,
    "interactive": false,
    "exitZeroOnChanges": true,
    "exitOnceUploaded": true,
    "allowConsoleErrors": false
  "buildScript": "build-storybook -s public",
  "errorType": "Error",
  "errorMessage": "✖ Failed to collect Storybook metadata"

This is happening across all our builds now with no code changes to the action/package.json/or lock file in our code so appears to be completely isolated to the action itself.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

domyencommented, Sep 30, 2021

Hey all Dominic from Chromatic here:

We reverted the latest package 6.0.0 back to 5.10.2. That should unblock you while we debug further.

  • If you use GitHub actions, this should transparently resolve any issues. Try running the action again.
  • If you use the CLI via npx this should also resolve any issues.
  • If you’ve set your package version to 6.0.0 you’ll have to reset it to 5.10.2

Let me know if that works for y’all here or via our in-app chat (faster response).

tobilencommented, Sep 30, 2021

I’m investigating this, does anyone have a public repository where this occurs?

checkout run yarn run npx chromatic -t xxx

tell me if you need the project token, i’ll send it via chromatics intercom

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