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Intro to Storybook Vue Tutorial Broken

See original GitHub issue

Hi All,

I attempted to follow the instructions for the Vue Tutorial:

I ran into a number of errors when attempting to run yarn storybook which appear to be related to vue-template-compiler and vue-loader.

I was able to get Storybook to load by using @F0rsaken’s instructions in

Specifically, running yarn add vue-loader@next

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  • Created 2 years ago
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jonniebigodescommented, Jun 24, 2021

@MariuszDabrowski and @davidshq going to close this down as the issue has resolved itself with Storybook 6.3. I’ve just finished a rundown on the tutorial with the updated version and no longer the issue presented itself. Can you check on your end and report back if the issue still presents itself and I’ll gladly re-open this issue and triage it.

Stay safe both of you

jonniebigodescommented, Apr 11, 2022

@prathamesh-gharat no problem whatsoever 😃

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