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A percent sign breaks your service, sometimes.

See original GitHub issue


  • Add special parameter q for queries, that can be used with --data-urlencode
  • Add parameters answer and question to specify them explicitly
  • Add support of q into the command line client


I was doing a search over your curl service for query, trying to untangle a printf %s for bash question, which seemed a reasonable query. I get an nginx failure: 400 Bad Request nginx/1.13.12

For example this query produces an error: %s

But these work fine: list %25s

The last one was what I intended. Percent signs appear to be interpreted in transit between curl and nginx server side URL rewriting. Your server says eh bro that’s not a valid URL, barf.

But curl works fine on the terminal, showing me that maybe the problem’s on client side, as long as URL encoding is done in a way that makes your server happy, then all is well?

$ curl %s
# bash - SPRINTF in shell scripting?
var=$(printf 'FILE=_%s_%s.dat' "$val1" "$val2")

This only searches for printf

One answer is: “It’s the user’s responsibility to url-encode all queries so nginx is happy, and take care not to search for slashes, questionmarks, percent signs or any URL escape chars”. Is this the case or is there a cleverer solution for me to pass you a literal string over curl?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

chubincommented, Oct 12, 2020

but I think it still would be great to have a special query like discussed above (i.e. q=)

chubincommented, Apr 19, 2020

Probably, it would be better to add several additional parameters, like question, answer and already mentioned q, so that your query could be written like: ?q=rmse/0/1

So, that means, the following should be done:

  • Add special parameter q for queries, that can be used with --data-urlencode
  • Add support of q into the command line client
  • Add parameters answer and question to specify them explicitly
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