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Cascading cheat sheets

See original GitHub issue

With our “cascading cheat sheets” mode (it will be described in soon), you can create a hierarchy of cheat sheets servers, where each server delivers local cheat sheets + if a requested cheat sheet is not found, the query is forwarded to the upstream server (and so on).

For the user it looks fully transparent, it uses the same clients as always. The only difference is that the clients should be configured the correct server (is some clients are used; of course, if you use nothing but curl, you change nothing but the name of the server in the query):


In this query, you ask the server for the secret cheat sheet.

The main advantage of this mode is that you can have your own (private or maybe public but relevant only to you and to your team) cheat sheets, and at the same time, you can use the global cheat sheets to, without changing anything.

This issue is related to #5, #14, #97

To do:

  • server side implementation
  • docker container (almost implemented by @bglopez)
  • documentation (
  • client custom server support
  • custom server support (@dbeniamine)
  • vscode-snippet custom server support (@mre)
  • cheat-sh.el custom server support (@davep)
  • custom server support (@gauravk-in)
  • windows client custom server support (@tpanj )

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

chubincommented, Feb 21, 2019

but keep in mind that in the first version with offline cheat sheets support, it will be not possible to make arbitrary programming languages queries (not yet); only cheat sheet queries:

this will work: tar btrfs python/Functions

And this wont: python/read+yaml+file
Kidman1670commented, Jul 21, 2020

Sorry, I don’t find any document explain how to create a private repo.

I try to change lib/ etc/config.yaml (this file even don’t put any helpful comment, i don’t know how to use it) Things seem more complicate than I think.

In theory anyone can do that. But in reality if we don’t have document just a very small people spent time to understand how the source code work Please put in or comment directly in etc/config.yaml a “tldr” solution

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