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Has anybody thought/worked on a codemod already to automatically refactor jQuery based tests?

Would like to get rid off jQuery from ember-bootstrap (@cibernox thanks for the awesome blog post btw!), but refactoring the test suite manually is probably the most work.

Certainly it would be next to impossible to cover all possible cases of chainable jQuery code, but at least for the 90% of very common cases (assertions based on .length, .text(), .hasClass()) there could be some solution that relieves us at least from most of the work.

Have not worked with AST before, but would be a good use case to learn something new, unless there is already some work going into that direction?

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  • Created 6 years ago
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cibernoxcommented, Apr 12, 2017

Sure, play with it.

The general rules are:


  1. Convert click() to await click() (same with fillIn and others)
  2. So step 1 only if the selector inside is a valid CSS3 selector (no :contains/:eq/:odd)
  3. At the end of a test check what helpers were used and add the proper import statement.
  4. If a test had one await, add async to the function.
  5. Convert this.$(selector).text() to find(selector).textContent (and assume nobody does the thing I mentioned)
  6. Convert this.$(selector).length to findAll(selector).length
  7. Convert this.$(selector).click() => click(selector);
  8. Convert this.$(selector).focus() => focus(selector);
  9. Convert this.$(selector).val('something') => fillIn(selector);
  10. Convert this.$(selector).val() => find(selector).value;
  11. Convert this.$(selector).trigger('keydown', { keyCode: num }) => keyEvent(selector, 'keydown', num);
  12. Very likely, convert $el.attr('id') to

This alone is like 70% of the work.

Given that the change of getting things wrong along the way ideally the user should be propted to review and answer Y/N on every step.

simonihmigcommented, Jun 13, 2017

Sure, this can be closed. Forgot about it…

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