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Date number doesn't accommodate zone

See original GitHub issue


  1. Set the timezone for moment globally: to America/New_York
  2. Set you computer’s clock to America/Los_Angeles (Pacific time)
  3. Observe the calendar day numbers are shifted off by one:

Power Calendar:

Google Calendar:

Proposed solution

If the date is November 7 2019, this line:

produces: 6 as the date. This is because JS Date objects always use the local computer’s zone. And 2019-11-07T12:00:00 in America/New_York is 2019-11-06T09:00:00 in America/Los_Angeles. Note the date number is different.

moment(date).date() produces: 7. Here moment’s date method accounts for the zone that is set to the default.

In short a fix would be to replace:

number: date.toDate(),


number: moment(date).date(),

Anywhere else in the code that uses native JS Date functions will possibly introduce this same issue since they won’t account for the zone that is set for moment.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

patrickberkeleycommented, Apr 20, 2020

@jamesdixon yeah we monkey patch it:

// components/power-calendar/days.ts
import moment from 'moment';
// @ts-ignore
import EmberPowerCalendarDaysComponent from 'ember-power-calendar/components/power-calendar/days';

export default class PowerCalendarDaysComponent extends EmberPowerCalendarDaysComponent {
  buildDay(...args) {
    const day = super.buildDay(...args);
    day.number = moment(;
    return day;

And if you are using range you’ll need:

// components/power-calendar-range/days.ts
import moment from 'moment';
// @ts-ignore
import EmberPowerCalendarRangeDaysComponent from 'ember-power-calendar/components/power-calendar-range/days';

export default class PowerCalendarRangeDaysComponent extends EmberPowerCalendarRangeDaysComponent {
  buildDay(...args) {
    const day = super.buildDay(...args);
    day.number = moment(;
    return day;

Initialize the components (only needed if your overrides are done in one of your own addons):

// instance-initializers/power-calendar-overrides.ts
import ApplicationInstance from '@ember/application/instance';
import PowerCalendarDaysComponent from 'path/to/your/components/power-calendar/days';
import PowerCalendarRangeDaysComponent from 'path/to/your/components/power-calendar-range/days';

export function initialize(appInstance: ApplicationInstance): void {
  appInstance.register('component:power-calendar/days', PowerCalendarDaysComponent);
  appInstance.register('component:power-calendar-range/days', PowerCalendarRangeDaysComponent);

export default {

We are using moment, so run the date through it, but I’m assuming the above will work if you are using luxon and replace moment with luxon.

Boukecommented, Jun 22, 2020

Beware that the datetime you’re provided with in the action specified in onSelect is also in the browser’s local date. So when working with this date, make sure you convert it to whatever timezone your app is using.

Ideally we could set the display timezone of the calendar component, and work with either luxor or moment instances as well.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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