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Locale doesn't seem to work anymore ?

See original GitHub issue


First of all, thank you for your app 😃

It seems that since a few days (i only noticed it at the beginning of the week), the locale doesn’t seem to work anymore… I have mine to display in French (‘fr’) and it used to work fine. Maybe i’m doing something wrong ? Has anyone noticed this as well ? Instead it keeps displaying in English

What i expect : image

What i actually have : image

My power-calendar code : {{#power-calendar-range locale="fr" class="small-calendar-cell-size" center=center selected=filterService.calendarFilter onCenterChange=(action (mut center) value="date") onSelect=(action (mut filterService.calendarFilter) value="date") as |calendar|}} {{calendar.nav}} {{calendar.days}} {{/power-calendar-range}}

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  • Created 5 years ago
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llunncommented, Nov 20, 2019

I ran into this today with v0.4.1.

For those wanting to resolve this using the moment configuration option mentioned above, it appears that the correct way is to:

  1. Include the desired locales in the environment.js file as @svparijs describes here Note: You must restart your ember application for the locales to be loaded.
  2. Configure the moment service, exposed by ember-moment. Note: This is different than using the import provided by ember-cli-moment-shim.

An example of configuring the moment service goes something like this:

import Service from '@ember/service';
import { inject as service } from '@ember/service'

export default Service.extend({
  moment: service(),
  changeLocale(locale) {

      /* some other logic */
ghostcommented, Jun 11, 2019

@jillpouchain could you maybe share your fill initialiser locale file? I’m running into the same issue (afaik). If its possible @cibernox maybe add more info on how to add the translations for the dummies like me 😉.

@svparijs : I changed project since and don’t have acces to the files anymore. Sorry I can’t help =/

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