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Add more decryption methods

See original GitHub issue

Here is a list of all the ciphers Ciphey plans to support. Pick one and implement it please 😃 ❤️ Here’s how to incorporate it into Ciphey: Full list of implemented ciphers:


  • First letter of every word, first letter of every line, 2nd letter of every word etc (#336)
  • T9 phone keypad cipher (like the old Nokia phones) (#422)

Ciphers / Encodings

  • Playfair cipher (#345)
  • Badly implemented RSA
  • Monoalphabetic Substitution Cipher (#347)
  • Vigenère Autokey Cipher (#348)
  • Beaufort Cipher (#349)
  • Beaufort Autokey Cipher
  • Columnar Transposition Cipher (#350)
  • Railfence Cipher (#351)
  • Double Transposition (#352)


  • Base8
  • Base58 (both Bitcoin & Ripple alphabets)
  • Base85
  • Base85 ASCII version (Python library for this)
  • Base 62 with alphabet 0-9A-Za-z** (Most link shorteners use this alphabet, and it’s the default in CyberChef + the online Base62 decoders)
  • Vigenere Cipher
  • Atbash Cipher
  • Base91
  • If a text only contains 2 letters X and Y, we may turn it into Binary and see if that works. similarly we could do the same for hex and octal etc
  • Minecraft enchanting table (see )
  • XOR
  • Base69 (#335)
  • DNA codons (ATCG DNA letters) (#354)
  • Baudot ITA2 (#355)
  • SMS Multi-tap (#340)
  • DTMF frequency (#424)
  • A1Z26 (#344)
  • Prisoner’s tap code (#337)
  • Brainfuck (#353)
  • ROT47 (#342)
  • ASCII shift (#343)
  • UUencode (#433)
  • Affine (#346)
  • Baconian cipher (#432)
  • Soundex (#412)
  • Braille (#439)

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

franc-istcommented, Aug 5, 2020

The Standard Galactic Alphabet (Minecraft enchanting table language) is just a substitution cipher, where each letter in the Latin alphabet has been substituted with a different symbol.

For example,

Iℸ ̣  ╎ᓭ ⍑ᔑ∷↸ ℸ ̣ 𝙹 ᒷ∷ᔑᓭᒷ ʖꖎ⚍ᒷ 𝙹∷ ∷ᒷ↸ ╎リꖌ.

reads as

It is hard to erase blue or red ink.

when translated. I assume you could map each SGA symbol to its Latin counterpart in a dictionary and just iterate through that?

bee-sancommented, Jun 11, 2020

@Cyclic3 sent this to me:

["alpha", "bravo", "charlie", "delta", "echo", "foxtrot", "golf", "hotel", "india", "juliet", "kilo", "lima", "mike", "november", "oscar", "papa", "quebec", "romeo", "sierra", "tango", "uniform", "victor", "xray", "yankee", "zulu"]
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