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Checkboxes and async loading of children

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I am loading a tree with multiple levels with checkboxes (+4000 nodes) and I use async loading. First I got an error but after monkey patching the method setIsSelected it works.

TreeNode.prototype.setIsSelected = function (value) {
  if (this.isLeaf || !this.children) {
    this.treeModel.setSelectedNode(this, value);
  } else {
    this.treeModel.setSelectedNode(this, value);
    this.children.forEach((child) => child.setIsSelected(value));
  return this;

But when I’m trying to check only node paths fully loaded gets selected. Any workaround for this?


Was able to make it work by adding this.

Object.defineProperty(TreeNode.prototype, 'isSelected', {
  get: function () {
    if (this.isLeaf || !this.children) {
      return this.treeModel.isSelected(this);
    } else {
      return some(this.children, function (node) {
        return node.isSelected;
  enumerable: true,
  configurable: true

PS: Great component all and all!

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klteograsscommented, Feb 7, 2018

@omid-nazifi you assign the node id to selectLeafNodeIds

        treeModel.selectedLeafNodeIds = Object.assign({},
          treeModel.selectedLeafNodeIds, { []: true });
omid-nazificommented, Feb 5, 2018

Thanks you @wendelstam It was a great note. 👍

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