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help to build show dmvpn parser

See original GitHub issue
#!/bin/env python
import sys
from pprint import pprint

python3 = sys.version_info >= (3, 0)

if python3:
    from unittest.mock import Mock
    from unittest.mock import patch
    from mock import Mock
    from mock import patch

ats_mock = Mock()
with patch.dict('sys.modules', {'ats': ats_mock}):
    from genie import parsergen
    from genie.parsergen import oper_fill_tabular

show_command_output_example = """
Legend: Attrb --> S - Static, D - Dynamic, I - Incomplete
        N - NATed, L - Local, X - No Socket
        # Ent --> Number of NHRP entries with same NBMA peer
        NHS Status: E --> Expecting Replies, R --> Responding, W --> Waiting
        UpDn Time --> Up or Down Time for a Tunnel

Interface: Tunnel1, IPv4 NHRP Details
Type:Hub, NHRP Peers:2,

 # Ent  Peer NBMA Addr Peer Tunnel Add State  UpDn Tm Attrb
 ----- --------------- --------------- ----- -------- -----
     1     IKE 01:28:32     D
     1      UP 00:28:42     D

class my_dmvpn_parser(oper_fill_tabular):

    def __init__(self, device, show_command):
        headers = ["Ent", "Peer NBMA Addr",
                   "Peer Tunnel Add", "State", "UpDn Tm", "Attrb"]
        labels = ["Ent", "Peer Addr",
                  "Peer Tunnel add", "State", "time", "attrb"]
        device_os = 'iosxe'

        super(my_dmvpn_parser, self).__init__(

# Define how device stub will behave when accessed by production parser.
device_kwargs = {
    'is_connected.return_value': True,
    'execute.return_value': show_command_output_example}
dev1 = Mock(**device_kwargs)

result = my_dmvpn_parser(dev1, "show dmvpn")

print("\nThe following commands were just executed on the device : {}\n".

if result.entries['']['Peer Tunnel add'] == '':
    print("Test passed")
    print("Test failed")


The following commands were just executed on the device : call('show dmvpn')

Test failed
{'': {'Ent': '1',
                'Peer Addr': '',
                'Peer Tunnel add': '',
                'State': '2   IKE',
                'attrb': '2     D',
                'time': '01:28:3'},
 '': {'Ent': '1',
                'Peer Addr': '',
                'Peer Tunnel add': '',
                'State': '3    UP',
                'attrb': '2     D',
                'time': '00:28:4'}}

I missing the last number in the ip address. ‘Peer Tunnel add’: shoud be ‘’ i missing the last 2 😕 some one have a ide to solve it?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:8 (8 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

urskog84commented, Mar 10, 2020

Yes let’s givet a try

urskog84commented, Mar 10, 2020

i fix the issue,

Uppdated the heder row 😄

 headers = ["Ent",   "Peer NBMA Addr", "Peer Tunnel Add", "State", "UpDn Tm", "Attrb"]
 headers = ['# Ent', ' Peer NBMA Addr', "Peer Tunnel Add", "State", "UpDn Tm", "Attrb"]
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