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When doing bgp parsing a `'Device' object has no attribute 'execute'` error shows up

See original GitHub issue

I’m parsing some bgp commands and for every command that has a non conditional instruction:


it answers 'Device' object has no attribute 'execute'

That ends with not parsing of commands like show ip bgp neighbor {neighbor} advertised-routes or show bgp all cluster-ids

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  • Created 2 years ago
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ThomasJRyancommented, Jan 24, 2022

The problem is this line right here:

It’s weird that this is the way it is. As far as I’m aware, this is not allowed in a parser. Despite that though, this has been in place for three years now… If I’m understanding it, lines 4819 to 4831 should be able to be safely wrapped in a try/except to mitigate this problem. Line 4820 (vrf = 'default') would have to be put before the try/except block though. That should be an effective method of fixing this properly should you be interesting in implementing it

balmaseacommented, Jan 18, 2022

Sorry for my late answer, we have worked around the problem with a custom parser but for sure I’d love to help. We are mainly trying to get the parsed yml from the device output that we get with our own module, so we do not connect to the devices using this library.

We are calling ShowBgpAllNeighborsAdvertisedRoutes::cli with output being, i.e.: Total number of prefixes 0

Then, it ends up calling the cli method from the parent, ShowBgpNeighborsAdvertisedRoutesSuperParser::cli and it fails when executing line: out_vrf = self.device.execute('show bgp all neighbors | i BGP neighbor') because there is no device connected.

This is what I meant with the “non conditional instruction” sentence above. Hope it is clearer now and let me know if I can continue helping. Thanks.

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