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set datatype of JSON value

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User story

As the a tester I want to be able to define the datatype of my JSON values, when sending them to the SUT.

With version Citrus 2.7.8 it is not possible to set the datatype of an JSON value. Numbers will be automatically set as Integer/float and doesn’t give the tester the opportunity to set them as string.

Additional context

Initial Question:

<send endpoint="configRequestEndpoint">
  <message type="json">
    <resource file="file:src/test/templates/json/api/config/saveGroupTrips.json"/>
    <element path="$.data.trips[*].sourceBits" value="000110"/>

This request should also be considered for boolean values.

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  • State:open
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:8 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

svettwercommented, Jan 17, 2019

Hi Elvin,

thx for the information. I’ll definitely have a look until your are back. I am very unhappy that I can’t support you on this as much as you deserve. I am really very sorry for that! 😢 I am currently working hard to get the roadmap and 2.7.9 + 2.8.0 released, in addition to customer projects, writing articles etc.

Thx for all your patience with this! We really much appreciate your work on this issue! 👍 Have a good time then!

BR, Sven

elvinspcommented, Jan 17, 2019


in my mind I’m almost finished with this. One thing that is left from my prespective is the adaption of com.consol.citrus.variable.dictionary.json.JsonMappingDataDictionary.

At the moment it seems the data dictionary can only replace attributes to String. If it should be able to replace attributes to different datatypes, it leads to some hurdles.

The function public <T> T translate(String jsonPath, T value, TestContext context) would be the ideal place to do it so, but because it is a template function and the return value is depend on the datatype of the value parameter, the implementation has to be done in private void traverseJsonData(JSONObject jsonData, String jsonPath, TestContext context) to resolve the datatype of the value. That on the other hand would require to move the mapping strategy which is done in the translate function also into the traverseJsonData which would make tanslate obsolete. I haven’t done anything yet so there is no code to review this problem. But basically it is revolving around those two functions.

Any way I won’t be available for a month, so I can only do this once I’m back in Mid February. Let me know what you think of this and the rest of the code.

BR Elvin

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