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Can't use v8 in Jest unit tests

See original GitHub issue

I am using TypeScript, Jest and Webpack in my project. I upgraded to v8 and now I can’t use react-waypoint in my unit tests anymore.

With v7 I imported this library with

import * as Waypoint from 'react-waypoint';

Now with v8 I have to import it like

import Waypoint from 'react-waypoint';

With that default import it runs with TypeScript and Webpack as expected but not in my unit tests that run with Jest. If I change the import to the v7 import * as Waypoint syntax TypeScript and Webpack fails, but Jest runs fine.

I believe it has something to do how this library is exported in the package because in Jest I transpile everything to CommonJS (because Node only understands CommonJS) but then there is a .default import which doesn’t exist. In Webpack I transpile everything to ESM import syntax and TypeScript take the default export and Webpack can handle that.

My Workaround at the moment is to use v7 instead of v8 because there everything works out of the box.

Maybe this is related to #238? 🤔

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screendrivercommented, Mar 7, 2018

It sounds to me like this issue stems from however your project is set up

Not really. We don’t have any technical issues. We just dropped support for default exports because they can be difficult to maintain, refactor and their semantic could change without knowing it. Furthermore you don’t know what you really import. For example import foo from 'mylib' compared to import { calculateDistance } from 'mylib'. And we are not alone with this opinion 😉

But this has nothing to do with this issue. When I import react-waypoint 8.0.1 in my TypeScript project like that

import Waypoint from 'react-waypoint';


It gives me the component when I bundle everything with webpack but undefined when I run my unit tests with Jest.

After a little bit debugging I believe I found out what’s going on: in your package.json you have

"main": "cjs/index.js",
"module": "es/index.js",

defined. That’s cool. Webpack respects that and uses es/index.js. The TypeScript definition is also for the ESM file. Now when I run my tests with Jest, Jest uses cjs/index.js instead of es/index.js. What now happens is that TypeScript adds a .default:


import Waypoint from 'react-waypoint';

gets transpiled to

"use strict";
exports.__esModule = true;
var react_waypoint_1 = require("react-waypoint");

But there is no .default. If you had named exports it would look like this:

import * as Waypoint from 'react-waypoint';

gets transpiled to

"use strict";
exports.__esModule = true;
var Waypoint = require("react-waypoint");

and then it should work. I also found some issues / PR’s in the Jest repository like this or that

So I found the problem but don’t have a solution 😁 Except “change your default export to a named export” or “only use CommonJS for your package”.

andrew-mecommented, Apr 20, 2018

Thanks for the explanation.

I got around this by creating a jest mock of waypoint that exports default.

So in __mocks__ I created a file react-waypoint.js with

const Waypoint = require("react-waypoint");

exports.default = Waypoint;

Bit dirty, but does the job for now

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