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nox session doesn't find pytest installed by poetry

See original GitHub issue

I’m following along the Hypermodern Python series and it seems in Chapter 2, Test automation with Nox there is a conflict between nox and poetry. Specifically when I use the example

import nox

@nox.session(python=["3.8", "3.7"])
def tests(session):"poetry", "install", external=True)"pytest", "--cov")

I get the following error:

nox > Running session tests-3.8
nox > Creating virtual environment (virtualenv) using python3.8 in .nox/tests-3-8
nox > poetry install
Installing dependencies from lock file

No dependencies to install or update

  - Installing testpkg (0.1.0)
nox > Program pytest not found.
nox > Session tests-3.8 failed.

(and the same for tests-3.7)

It seems that installing pytest via poetry as a dev dependency doesn’t put it on the path. In the previous section of Chapter 2, pytest was invoked through poetry and this does work in the nox session as well:'poetry', 'run', 'pytest', '--cov')

Is this an issue with my setup or is it expected that pytest can’t be run as a command when installed by poetry?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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joezilla86commented, Oct 18, 2020

Your question helped me find the problem. The nox version was 2019.5.30 which did not match what my other computer was using. I ended up actually reinstalling my Ubuntu instance (running as WSL on Windows 10) and have been worked through the same initialization steps again. I realized that the installation of nox didn’t quite work as expected. Running “pip install --user --upgrade nox” did complete the install, but then the nox keyword would return

Command 'nox' not found, but can be installed with:
sudo apt install nox

So I realized I had installed via sudo which installed the 2019.5.30 version. The underlying issue is that using the pip method to install nox did not add it to PATH, so I just needed to add

export PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" 

to my .bashrc file and reload the shell. Now it seems to work as expected.

Dominik1123commented, Jun 16, 2020

I created a corresponding issue.

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