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Program randomly freezes

See original GitHub issue

Hello… I’m using your library and I don’t know why but my program randomly freezes sometimes. My program is pretty simple and is pretty much just copying the code sample you provide @ (actually, your code sample was also freezing when I tried it).

Could it have to do with the version of python I’m using? (2.7.9) I installed TwitterSearch through pip. I hope its not some deadlock issue.

Here’s what I’ve been running:

from TwitterSearch import *
from time import sleep
    tso = TwitterSearchOrder() # create a TwitterSearchOrder object
    tso.set_keywords(['#vr', '-RT']) # let's define all words we would like to have a look for
    tso.set_language('en') # hell no German, I want English!
    tso.set_include_entities(False) # and don't give us all those entity information

    # it's about time to create a TwitterSearch object with our secret tokens
    ts = TwitterSearch(
        consumer_key = 'xxxx',
        consumer_secret = 'xxxx',
        access_token = 'xxxx',
        access_token_secret = 'xxxx'

    # open file for writing
    text_file = open("#vrtest.txt", "w")

    # check when to stop
    iterations = 0
    max_tweets = 100000

    # callback fucntion used to check if we need to pause the program
    def my_callback_closure(current_ts_instance): # accepts ONE argument: an instance of TwitterSearch
        queries, tweets_seen = current_ts_instance.get_statistics()

        if queries > 0 and (queries % 2) == 0: # trigger delay every other query
            print("\nQueries: " + str(queries) + " now sleeping, 1 minute.\n");
            sleep(60) # sleep for 60 seconds

     # this is where the fun actually starts :)
    for tweet in ts.search_tweets_iterable(tso, callback=my_callback_closure):

        current_line = "%s" % ( tweet['text'] )

        iterations = iterations + 1
        print( "i: " + str(iterations) + " - " + tweet['user']['screen_name'] + " tweeted: " + current_line )

        text_file.write(current_line.encode('utf-8', 'ignore') + "\n")

        # wait 1 second every 10 tweets
        if (iterations % 10 == 0):
            print("\nSleeping 1 second.\n")

        if (iterations >= max_tweets):

except TwitterSearchException as e: # take care of all those ugly errors if there are some

    # close file

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  • Created 8 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ckoeppcommented, Jun 2, 2016

I’ll look into this once I have a bit of spare time. Thanks for bringing this up again!

Ic3fr0gcommented, May 23, 2016

Hi, your sample code is not working even on Python 3.5. I isolated it to the for statement in

for tweet in ts.search_tweets_iterable(tso):
    print( '@{} tweeted: {}' , ( tweet['user']['screen_name'], tweet['text'] ) )

So I tried fooling around with your API and realized that none of the functions search_tweets() or search_tweets_iterable() work as expected. I too installed TwitterSearch from pip. Gentle reminder that this bug exists.

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