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Error paginating catalog data: PersistedQueryNotFound

See original GitHub issue

Screenshots or Logs

[2021-12-19 22:09:26.043 +0100] INFO : Checking free games for
[2021-12-19 22:09:33.698 +0100] INFO : Successfully refreshed login
    user: ""
[2021-12-19 22:09:33.698 +0100] INFO : searchStrategy is `all`: searching for weekly and promotional games
    user: ""
[2021-12-19 22:09:34.627 +0100] ERROR: Error paginating catalog data: {"errors":[{"message":"PersistedQueryNotFound","correlationId":"","serviceResponse":"{\"errorStatus\":500}","stack":null}]}
    Error: Error paginating catalog data: {"errors":[{"message":"PersistedQueryNotFound","correlationId":"","serviceResponse":"{\"errorStatus\":500}","stack":null}]}
        at Object.transform (/usr/app/src/free-games.ts:82:21)
        at paginateEach (/usr/app/node_modules/got/dist/source/create.js:180:45)
        at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)
        at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:95:5)
        at (/usr/app/node_modules/got/dist/source/create.js:213:26)
        at FreeGames.getCatalogFreeGames (/usr/app/src/free-games.ts:67:19)
        at FreeGames.getAllFreeGames (/usr/app/src/free-games.ts:311:13)
        at redeemAccount (/usr/app/src/index.ts:25:20)
        at async Promise.all (index 4)
        at main (/usr/app/src/index.ts:65:5)
[2021-12-19 22:09:34.661 +0100] WARN : Current version
    COMMIT_SHA: "ee66418b159c1e79b5d81321101b4a22746844bf"
    BRANCH: "master"
    DISTRO: "alpine"

Additional context Happens in about 1/10 cases, restart fixes the problem. Not sure what causes it, maybe a retry is the only workaround.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

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claabscommented, Feb 27, 2022

The COMMIT_SHA is baked into the container to track versioning. That commit is from December 2021, so very old. You shouldn’t need to update that variable manually at all, as it doesn’t functionally change anything.

claabscommented, Feb 27, 2022

@caxelair I can’t tell for sure, but it’s likely your container is just out of date. You’ll need to docker pull <image tag> every once and a while to keep things up to date. There are also solutions like Watchtower or Portainer that can manage updating containers for you.

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