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Add an option to disable inlay hints

See original GitHub issue

Is there a way in settings.json to disable inlay hints added in

Turning off editor.inlayHints.enabled doesn’t work for clangd, and I don’t see any specific property.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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HighCommander4commented, Aug 26, 2021

Some background here:

  • The patch to add inlay hint support to the clangd server merged on April 14. At the time, the intention was to enable the feature via a client-side option. (But one specific to clangd, not the built-in editor.inlayHints.enabled; see below for more on that.)
  • During review of the patch adding client-side support, it was decided that the feature should instead be controlled using a command-line option.
  • The client-side patch, together with a server patch to add the --inlay-hint command line option, were merged on May 3.

Now, you happen to be using a pre-release version 13.0.0-4ca0fbfa, which is dated April 24 – happening to fall in between April 14 and May 3 – presumably in combination with a client that’s more recent than May 3. So, yes, in that exact combination, there is no way to disable the hints.

Please bear in mind that pre-release versions do not make stability guarantees, and hiccups like this can sometimes arise and necessitate upgrading to a newer pre-release version (or, in this case, downgrading your client as an alternative).

To answer your final question:

why is editor.inlayHints.enabled ignored?

This option controls vscode’s built-in inlay hints API. Clangd’s implementation predates that and does not use it (it rolls its own with editor decorations). We will switch to the official API in due course (we’re also waiting for the LSP protocol piece to be finalized).

magiruuvelvetcommented, Aug 26, 2021

Thanks for the explanation. In the meantime I upgraded my clangd and I can now disable the feature 😃

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