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Expected behavior

According to this page : “INSERT DATA queries are now mapped automatically to POST requests. Support is limited to queries with no WHERE clause, and parameters are always expected to be values for g (named graph where to insert the data) and data (with the triples to insert, in ntriples format). The INSERT query pattern is so far static, as defined in Only tested with Virtuoso.”

Actual behavior


Steps to reproduce the behavior

In a github repo file named my_insert.rq, I wrote this query:

#+ summary: test insert
#+ endpoint:
#+ tags:
#+   - SPARQL
#+ method: POST

PREFIX ex: <>
PREFIX foaf: <>

    GRAPH ex:myGraph {
        ex:ali foaf:name "Alice" .
        ex:bob foaf:name "Bob" .

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c-martinezcommented, Jul 20, 2022

Hi @MiharyR,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – could you get in touch with me via email ( so I can propose dates and setup a meeting?

c-martinezcommented, Jul 12, 2022

Hi @MiharyR,

I know what you mean – grlc has quite a bit of code which could be cleaned up. Perhaps you could join one of our developer meetings (with @albertmeronyo and me) and we could discuss how to integrate your code?

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