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Documentation code for Sortable with Typescript not working

See original GitHub issue

I am playing around with the library in a project (which uses TypeScript).

The code in the Quick start section for a simple drag-and-drop works, but with this code, nothing moves and there is no interactivity.

I am going on a few hours without being able to find out what is wrong. I would be very happy to accept some pointers 😃

The code below contains two components that are to a large extent just taken stright out of the documentation for Sortable.

There are no errors in the console, and everything compiles.

import { DndContext, MouseSensor, useSensor, useSensors } from "@dnd-kit/core";
import { arrayMove, SortableContext, useSortable } from "@dnd-kit/sortable";
import { CSS } from "@dnd-kit/utilities";
import React, { ReactNode, useState } from "react";

export const ExpSortable = () => {
  const [items, setItems] = useState(["1", "2", "3"]);
  const sensors = useSensors(
    useSensor(MouseSensor, {
      activationConstraint: {
        distance: 10

  return (
    <DndContext sensors={sensors} onDragEnd={handleDragEnd}>
      <SortableContext items={items}>
        { => (
          <SortableItem key={id} id={id}>
            <p>hello from {id}</p>

  function handleDragEnd(event: any) {
    const { active, over } = event;
    console.log("drag end!");
    if ( !== {
      setItems((items) => {
        const oldIndex = items.indexOf(;
        const newIndex = items.indexOf(;
        return arrayMove(items, oldIndex, newIndex);

export function SortableItem(props: { children?: ReactNode; id: string }) {
  const { listeners, setNodeRef, transform, transition } = useSortable({

  const style = {
    padding: "5vmin",
    background: "orange",
    border: "2px solid",
    transform: CSS.Transform.toString(transform),
  } as React.CSSProperties;

  return (
    <div ref={setNodeRef} style={style} {...listeners}>

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

xorander00commented, Apr 13, 2021


I pretty much just followed the quick start guide. The basic gist is to create two components, one that wraps useDroppable and another that wraps useDraggable. Then use the components with a unique id for each instance and wrap the whole thing in DndContext. I also have DragOverlay as a sibling to my container of draggables & droppables.

I can give you my example code, but I’ll have to do it later and it might just be faster to follow the quick start guide.

rawcompositioncommented, Apr 5, 2021

Thanks! npx yarn-deduplicate didn’t seem to work, but uninstalling all of the @dnd-kit packages and re-installing them did the trick.

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