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Cannot read property 'removeChild' of null

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I used onMouseDown to delete items data, and I reported this error, unable to locate what the problem was.

        onMouseDown={this.onDelete.bind(this, value)}>
          className='icon-close' />
  onDelete(value: string) {
    console.log(value, 'value')
    let { items } = this.state;
    items = items!.filter((item: string) => item !== value);
    this.setState({ items }, () => {
      this.props.onDelete && this.props.onDelete(items);


Deleting will result in an error and a request will be sent. I don't know where the request originated and whether it can be blocked

I need help Thank you

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  • Created 4 years ago
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cpwinncommented, Sep 17, 2019

I just had these same issues. It was caused by my SortableContainer and SortableElement being assigned inside of the render function. Meaning each time I set the state it would re-render and create a new instance of SortableContainer and SortableElement. That would divorce the old SortableElement from the DOM and cause the issues.

So the solution for me was to assign SortableContainer and SortableElement to variables outside of render() and reference those on render. Also, @rectangletangle is correct, updateBeforeSortStart should be used to set state rather that onSortStart.

whenmooncommented, Aug 4, 2020

I also have this problem which is very annoying:

	const onSortStart = (): void => {
		console.log('%c sort started!', 'color: green;');
		setIsReorderingColumns((prevState) => !prevState);

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘removeChild’ of null

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