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getContainer() cannot be a parent component

See original GitHub issue

I wanted to use getContainer() in the SortableContainer HOC to set the scroll container to a parent component.

Unfortunately the getContainer() is called in SortableContainer.componentDidMount(), when the parent component is not yet mounted, so it returns undefined, and crashes.

Suggestion: allow specifying the container and scrollContainer separately in SortableContainer (adding a getScollContainer() function property would make the most sense; it would actually match the internal representation). Then lazily call getScrollContainer() when needed.

More information: basically the use case is the same as with useWindowAsScrollContainer, but where only part of the page scrolls.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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lbhbravecommented, Apr 19, 2019

Just to follow-up on this issue, the getContainer prop now accepts passing it a Promise that returns the container from a parent component

Would you mind give me a example how to use Promise to getContainer. I get the same problem as below and look for a solution. Thx very much

alex-vgcommented, Jun 8, 2017
  componentDidMount() {
    this.domNode = ReactDOM.findDOMNode(this);

  getContainer = () => this.props.scrollContainer || this.domNode;

render() {
    return (

Since I wanted to be able to set the container from the outside of the component, I added this.props.scrollContainer ||. Inside CustomSortableContainer, I resolve getContainer and just apply as a scrollContainer prop to a deeper component.

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