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Pass parameters to onSortEnd function

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I’m trying to pass a parameters to onSortEnd function but always the data is empty for mine but the indexing work fine.

onSortEndCustom = ({oldIndex, newIndex}, data) => { console.log(data); }

I create my custom function it is working but seems call every time the list changes even if not change the sort, I want same concept as onSortEnd.

So any one know why it is not working to pass parameters or any best solutions?

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  • Created 5 years ago
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XeniaSiskakicommented, Jul 2, 2019

I don’t think the collection parameter is used for the use case that @Adel-J mentioned in his first comment. From the docs:

The collection the element is part of. This is useful if you have multiple groups of sortable elements within the same SortableContainer

which if I understand correctly means that the value will just be an identifier for the group and not some custom data.

@clauderic I’m facing the same problem. I want to pass some custom data and read them in the onSortEnd. Is that currently possible? To be more specific, each SortableElement in my SortableContainer has an ID which I need to know when handling the sort end.

sercanovcommented, May 24, 2020

@XeniaSiskaki is right, when you pass collection attribute to SortableItem, sorting brokes. I also need to get item ID ( or any other data ) in onSortEnd function. The only way seems to work is adding custom attribute to SortableItem, and try to parse it in onSortEnd’s nodes property. Like this;

  1. Add custom field to SortableItem
const SortableList = SortableContainer(
  ({ ids = [], data = [], onClick, onEdit, selected, ...props }) => {
    if (data)
      return (
        <List component="nav">
          {, index) => (
              // collection={id} this brokes sorting 
              itemID={id} // Add custom field to pass data
  1. Parse itemID in onSortEnd
    const onSortEnd = ({ oldIndex, newIndex, collection, nodes, }) => {

Conclusion; All this should be less painful

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