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Possible to specify response as combination of status code and body

See original GitHub issue

From reading the docs, it looks like all error responses get the same status code and content type. Is it possible specify these in the handler? For example:

api.get('/', function () {
    if (isBadRequest) return { "message": "Bad request" } // 400 
    if (isForbidden) return { "message": "Forbidden" } // 403 
    return { "message": "Success" } // 200

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  • Created 8 years ago
  • Comments:25 (13 by maintainers)

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fiznoolcommented, Sep 7, 2016

As promised, here are my thoughts on an implementation of multiple error responses.

fiznoolcommented, Aug 30, 2016

@gojko thanks for the detailed response.

For now I’ve taken to using a post deploy step, as you mentioned. It’s a bit of a hack as I didn’t have enough time to look at creating a PR, but it works.

If anybody is interested, the code for my API is here.

One thing I had to also do was to set the error and success codes to the same value, as otherwise claudia sets the default response to return a 500. This often catches all of my errors, regardless of whether I have other regexes in place, this seems to be a quirk of how API Gateway works. I then had to ensure that all of my errors were returned with a prefix in the message, so I could set up my error responses to match the given pattern.

I have some thoughts about how errors could possibly be handled in a more generic way at the claudia level, based on some of my reading around this subject. I’ll try to jot these down over the next few days, probably in a separate issue, for consideration!

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