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--skip-rebase should be the default

See original GitHub issue

I want to provide a small, but important feedback, as it bit me really hard and I believe it’ll bite many other users.

First and foremost, I am using clean-css and now the new clean-css-cli for CSS minification. This is the reference tool for this job, and congratulation for making this huge achievement!

However, the default URL rebasing is an extremely bug prone feature. Running the tool with one path in development (where rebasing might not trigger) might produce a totally different result compared to running in from a different path, or when bundling files for production in a script, because of the “smart” auto rebasing option.

I recommend switching that option off by default (as in making --skip-rebase the default) as it’ll bite many other users who just prefer to use this tool as a CSS minifier, without any of the path relative smart rebasing magic (personally I’d categorise that feature as -O2 or even -O3).

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

hyperknotcommented, Apr 19, 2017

Sure, no problem, I’ve finally found the right switch and if people run into the same problem they might find this issue by Google.

On 19 April 2017 at 20:52, Jakub Pawlowicz wrote:

Got it - since it’d be a breaking change it needs to wait until the next major release.

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jakubpawlowiczcommented, Feb 4, 2021

And rebasing will be off by default in clean-css-cli v5 due soon.

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