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green -vv does not print test docstrings

See original GitHub issue

I just installed green 2.16.1, and green -vv doesn’t print test method docstrings. For instance, with from the readme, the output for green -vv is this:

.   test_expected
.   test_type
.   test_age
.   test_food

If I set the verbosity level to 3 with green -vvv, it does print the docstrings.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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CleanCutcommented, Sep 1, 2019

Fixed. Updated the screenshots as well, for good measure.

CleanCutcommented, Aug 28, 2019

Correct, that is the design of the verbosity levels:

verbosity=1 (default)

  • dots

verbosity=2 (-vv)

  • Class & method names

verbosity=3 (-vvv)

  • Version information
  • Class names
  • Method docstrings

Perhaps we need to make that explicit in the help output?

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