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Focus on new features and abstraction which may break existing interfaces/APIs…

Ongoing releases...
  • 0.3.2-patch* - fix issues found in 0.3.2 as well as small enhancement, since it takes time to deliver 0.3.3

    • improve streaming support and make it easier to use
      • Split ClickHouseInputStream and move sub classes to new package, and similarly for ClickHouseOutputStream
      • Move BinaryStreamUtils, ClickHouseLz4InputStream, ClickHouseLz4OutputStream and ClickHousePipedStream to package
      • New input/output stream implementations to support Iterable<T>
      • Add ClickHouseByteBuffer for batched serialization and deserialization
    • improve multi-format support - able to read/write using TabSeparated format
    • support Object/JSON and named Tuple
    • support SimpleAggregateFunction
    • update clickhouse-grpc-client to accommodate server side changes
    • add clickhouse-cli-client (wrapper of ClickHouse native command line)
    • rewrite ClickHouseCluster and test against multiple nodes(one or more clusters, in same or different DCs) - see #894
    • update performance and benchmark
  • 0.3.3

    • BREAKING CHANGES: stablize API and new driver
      • Java Client - streaming
        • Update ClickHouseDataType by removing Enum and making it alias of Enum8
      • JDBC Driver - async
        • Enhance ClickHouseResultSet to support async response
        • Data binding support - map row or field to an Object
    • add clickhouse-tcp-client and Native data format support
    • more data processors to support popular formats: Arrow, Avro, MsgPack, ORC, Parquet, ProtoBuf and maybe CapnProto
    • new type system to better support AggregateFunction
    • custom runtime(using jlink) and native image(graalvm)


Upgrade to JDK 11 and focus on code clean up and performance.

Planned releases...
  • 0.4.0

    • BREAKING CHANGE: drop JDK8 support and everything under
    • enhance SQL parser for better performance, and make it optional for JDBC driver
    • add clickhouse-data-service and retire clickhouse-jdbc-bridge Note: data service can run in server mode as a bridge to connect ClickHouse and other datasources, or command-line mode as entrypoint of JVM-based UDFs. It may also contain UI and additional features for ease of operation like re-balancing(Casandra Reaper?).
    • add integration test in ClickHouse repo(needs to generate pytest output)
    • reformat code and enforce static code analysis for all pull requests
    • increase test code coverage and fix issues on SonarCloud
  • 0.4.1

    • asm-based optimizer for reading and writing
    • “compile” sql queries as Java program in runtime and build time
    • increase test code coverage and fix issues on SonarCloud


Focus on new features.

Planned releases...
  • 0.5.0 Focus on new features.
    • clickhouse-tcp-server for two purposes: testing and accessing jdbc datasources(as part of jdbc bridge)
    • clickhouse-graphql for
      • translate graphql into sql
      • run as an embedded lib to use graphql for queries(in addition to sql)
      • run as a mini server to serve graphql queries
    • multi-resultset support
    • extended grammar on client side(macros like #include('/tmp/1.sql')) to simplify complex queries

1.0 and onwards

Follow semantic versioning. Release cycle:

  1. a few days for patch release;
  2. a few weeks for minor release;
  3. a month or two for major release

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

zhicwucommented, Apr 1, 2022

I wonder if tcp port is transfering data in columner format(Native).

Yes, clickhouse-tcp-client uses Native format. clickhouse-http-client and clickhouse-grpc-client use RowBinary by default and can be switched to TabSeparated format as well.

zhicwucommented, Feb 10, 2022

what’s the time the version of 0.3.3 will be released?

Is there any specific feature you’re waiting for? If it’s about Native/TCP support, I have a basic implementation in local, so maybe I can start to publish test build once I’m done with the input and output stream tweaking.

If you’re talking about the whole release, I’d say it’s going to take months. Not to mention Horizon Forbidden West will be out next week and Elden Ring the week after 🥳

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