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Use clickhouse-jdbc save bitmap to CK error .

See original GitHub issue

Is there have right demo to use clickhouse-jdbc save bitmap to ck server . I faced this problem maybe isn’t a bug . Is there anybody can help me to solve this problems.

My Env

<dependency> <!-- will stop using starting from 0.4.0 --> <groupId>com.clickhouse</groupId> <artifactId>clickhouse-jdbc</artifactId> <version>0.3.2-patch6</version> <!-- below is only needed when all you want is a shaded jar --> </dependency>

CK server version is

Create table SQL

CREATE TABLE abTest.xabtest_dispatch_bitmap_v2 (xabtest_idString,dtString,create_atString,bitmap AggregateFunction(groupBitmap, UInt64) ) ENGINE = MergeTree PARTITION BY dt ORDER BY xabtest_id SETTINGS index_granularity = 64

Java Code

@Test public void test12() throws SQLException { String url = “jdbc:ch://ip:port/abTest”; Properties properties = new Properties(); properties.setProperty(“user”, “username”); properties.setProperty(“password”,“password”); ClickHouseDataSource dataSource = new ClickHouseDataSource(url, properties); Roaring64NavigableMap bitmap = Roaring64NavigableMap.bitmapOf(1L); Connection conn = dataSource.getConnection(); PreparedStatement statement = conn .prepareStatement(“insert into abTest.xabtest_dispatch_bitmap_v2 values (?,?,now(),?)”); statement.setString(1,“a”); statement.setString(2,“2022-01-01”); statement.setObject(3, ClickHouseBitmap.wrap(bitmap,ClickHouseDataType.UInt64)); System.out.println(statement.execute()); }

RUN the java code . The server repsonse the error message as below.

java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Code: 62, e.displayText() = DB::Exception: Cannot parse expression of type AggregateFunction(groupBitmap, UInt64) here:$ClickHouseRoaring64NavigableMap@b00da3fb) (version (official build)) , server ClickHouseNode(addr=http:sh-nh-b24-302-n15-clickhouse-89-249:8123, db=abTest)@-881958936

at com.clickhouse.jdbc.SqlExceptionUtils.batchUpdateError(

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

standup-jbcommented, Mar 17, 2022

Judging from the exception you provided, it seems you’re mixing new driver and legacy code. Can you use instead? If it’s still not working, can you run the exact test I mentioned above without modification?

Yes, It is my mistakes. I can run the unit test code success .

ywill3commented, Jul 5, 2022

Do you find another solutions?

Hi @ywill3, I didn’t spend time for this one so no progress from my side.

I used insert into xxx(a,b,c) values(?,?,bitmapBuild(?)) for prepareStatement. But it doesn’t work ,The bitmap column is Null.

ClickHouse does not support prepared statement. Your query will be converted to a large SQL statement which will be sent to server in string format. In order to leverage binary streaming, you should use input function or external table as mentioned in batch insert example:

-- JDBC driver will figure out parameters by parsing input function
insert into xxx select a, b, bitmapBuild(c) from input('a UUID, b DateTime64(3), c Array(UInt64)')


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