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[Bug]: Possible race condition when paper in async mode

See original GitHub issue

What happened?

I’m hitting a bug in which the paper is trying to sort elements that were recently removed from the graph.

The code in which I think the bug is located:

    sortViewsExact: function() {

        // Run insertion sort algorithm in order to efficiently sort DOM elements according to their
        // associated model `z` attribute.

        var $cells = $(this.cells).children('[model-id]');
        var cells = this.model.get('cells');

        sortElements($cells, function(a, b) {
            var cellA = cells.get(a.getAttribute('model-id'));
            var cellB = cells.get(b.getAttribute('model-id'));
            var zA = cellA.attributes.z || 0;                  <--- "cellA" will be undefined
            var zB = cellB.attributes.z || 0;
            return (zA === zB) ? 0 : (zA < zB) ? -1 : 1;

This is caused by the fact that $cells contains the elements that are still in the DOM, while cells contains the elements that are in the graph. When the paper is in async mode, a race condition might happen in such a way that a given element can be removed from the graph and this function can be triggered before the element has been removed form the DOM.

This will lead to the sortElements function trying to sort elements that don’t exist.

Repro example:

Proposed solution:

        var $cells = $(this.cells).children('[model-id]');
        var cells = this.model.get('cells');

+       var ids = =>;
+       $cells = $cells.filter((_, c) => ids.includes(c.getAttribute("model-id")))

        sortElements($cells, function(a, b) {



What browsers are you seeing the problem on?


What operating system are you seeing the problem on?


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  • Created a year ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kumilinguscommented, Oct 10, 2022

Feel free to join this discussion 😃

alexandernstcommented, Oct 11, 2022

This should be closed as it’s an expected behavior (sort of).

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