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One of the goals I envision for Cato is for it to become a general purpose command launcher for your web browser; a browser extension that can handle automating **common manual tasks that people who use their web browsers do everyday.

What’s Not Possible (Platform Limitation)

  • Opening the chrome developer tools/inspector programatically
  • Restarting your browser programatically.
    • chrome://restart can’t be executed via code, it must be manually typed in the URL.

Development Resources

If you’re a developer in interested learning about what’s capable within the browser development ecosystem please take a look at the awesome resources:

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Naramsimcommented, Sep 26, 2017

Hi, thanks for the awesome extension 👍

This is a list of features that could improve your project, in my opinion

  • Go to a specific tab, by writing its name or the website in that tab
  • A fancier style, would be awesome something like Discord (CMD+K) (screenshot below)
  • Add new customizable search providers (Like Github search)
  • When the input is ‘theme’, open the customize theme page
  • Show commonly used commands at the top of the list
  • Shortcut system as in here


Olian04commented, Oct 10, 2017

I just started using this extensions, and I’ve go to say, I didn’t know i needed this, but man did I need it! Now for feature requests:


  • Add commands for showing sub- under the chrome:// domain. Ex: chrome://settings/help, After closer inspection, the only sub-domain under the settings page that can be scrolled to from the settings page, is /help.
  • Add command for shortening URLs. Ex: Shorten URL on this site would result in being copied to the clipboard.
  • Add command for opening recently closed tabs.
  • Add command for actively selecting the search command. As of now, the search command feels like a fallback option, “in case your query doesn’t match a known command, lets search for it”. It would be nice to see a command for actively choosing to search for a phrase. Ex: search Bohemian Rhapsody would search for “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Having a dedicated search command would allow for search term prediction / autocomplete.
  • (major) Add command for selecting DOM elements using CSS selectors. Ex: Find input would result in a list of all input fields on the page, moving the targeting to one of these would highlight the element on the page similar to how the devtools does it, then pressing enter would select the targeted element. If its an input it would open it for editing, if its a button it would press it, or if its a link it would open it, etc


  • If you are on the “new page” page and a new page were to be opened as an effect of a command, the current page should be replaced. Ex: opening the settings page by using the settings command
  • Pressing Ctrl+Space should show all available operations in alphabetical order. Aka pressing Ctrl+Space while in the command pallet should execute the Show All Commands command.
  • Clicking on a result with the cursor should trigger the same code as navigating to it and pressing enter.


  • Expose cross extension integration api. Possibly using the Cross-extension messaging feature of the chrome runtime. This would allow other installed extensions to hook into the command pallet and add their own commands.
  • Allow for each command to specify in what context it should be executed. background, injected, popup, options, etc. As it stands every command is executed in the popup context.
  • Allow for user defined commands. Maybe setup a page where users can associate their own JS code with a unique term that they then can use in the command pallet. Ex: dark-mode could loop through the DOM and invert all colors.
  • Allow for user specific aliases. Aka: netflix could be setup as an alias for Change Tab netflix. Or c could be used as a short hand for Change Tab. The important part is that the aliases should be easy to setup by the user.
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