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Add flag `always_on_top`

See original GitHub issue

Hi Alin, please add in the possibility with always_on_top to keep the app window always on top of other app windows.

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:13 (7 by maintainers)

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scipio-nlcommented, Oct 16, 2022

PS, I had already (before you commented) gotten PyWebview to work just fine; one downside of that (at least that’s what made me look into FlaskWebGui to begin with), is that I haven’t been able to use something like the Chrome Developer Tools provide. But for now I’ll just implement a flag option to either run my app with FlaskWebGui whilst developing and PyWebview when deploying.

Still, I’m interested to incorporate Tauri and utilize all three (add to that a cross-OS packager that always works) into one easy to use Python module that irons out any build workflow complexities.

scipio-nlcommented, Oct 16, 2022

Implementing Tauri, is DEFINITELY the right approach in my mind. Also, consider the following:

  • Tauri (which also spawns a client’s native Webview but adds a lot more control) is originally targeted at writing packaged Desktop apps with html, css, JS on the frontend UI, and Rust at the backend
  • Tauri does support (via SideCar, as mentioned) including Python binaries
  • but doing so isn’t currently the main objective of the Tauri team, so it seems; Tauri is currently NOT targeting Python solutions
  • but for Python devs, to code Desktop Apps, the stack html, css, JS for the frontend and Flask for the backend, wrapped in a Tauri package, would be ideal.

In my mind “FlaskWebGui” could be that solution, and it shouldn’t require complex configurations to get going, ideally.

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