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nullreferenceexception with RowsFit tag when empty data source.

See original GitHub issue

As @BenKmann wrote:

I still get an Exception. Nullref because of the RowsFitTag.

bei ClosedXML.Report.Options.RowsFitTag.Execute(ProcessingContext context) bei ClosedXML.Report.Options.TagsList.Execute(ProcessingContext context) bei ClosedXML.Report.RangeTemplate.RangeTagsApply(IXLRange range, Object[] items) bei ClosedXML.Report.RangeInterpreter.EvaluateValues(IXLRange range, Parameter[] pars) bei ClosedXML.Report.RangeInterpreter.Evaluate(IXLRange range) bei ClosedXML.Report.XLTemplate.Generate()

Condition is, Empty Datasource + i use the following Tags in Column A <<summaryabove>><<DisableGrandTotal>><<RowsFit>>

RowsFit than is pretty unhappy about the 0 rows. If i Remove <<RowsFit>> the Exception disappears.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:9 (8 by maintainers)

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igiturcommented, Mar 30, 2022

@davija This is open source. If you’re unhappy with the release cycle, you can do your own build. The author of this library doesn’t owe anybody anything. He is already sacrificing her personal time to maintain this library. For free.

davijacommented, Mar 30, 2022

@igitur Yes, I am well aware of that. However, when you have a library that people use and depend on with a somewhat critical bug in a basic feature, it is nice to see progress on getting those bugs fixed and released once fixed (it was fixed ~5 months ago).

Additionally, it doesn’t take that long to do the release process and publish to nuget (I pretty much have already forked, built and published to our own repository).

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