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Better error handling if pytz is missing

See original GitHub issue


We should probably do a better job at failing in

<del>I think right now it leaves pytz_fixed_offset and pytz_utc uninitialized, which is bad.</del> (it’s a global, so it’s NULL by default)

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  • Created 7 years ago
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batkuipcommented, Jan 22, 2018

Currently, it’s parsing but ignoring timezone information if pytz is not available. So you get a valid date back, but it’s just wrong. This was a nasty bug to track down. On one system it was working fine, the other it wasn’t with the same dates. Thought I was going mental.

movermeyercommented, May 10, 2018

@dahlia If ciso8601 was written at the Python level (and not the C-API level), then we could make use of datetime.timezone and drop the dependency on pytz for Python 3.2+.

However, datetime.timezone objects are not exposed to the C-API until Python 3.7 😢 . So ciso8601 still requires pytz for all current versions of Python.

I will make the change to have it raise an ImportError if someone tries to parse an aware timestamp with parse_datetime()

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