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Auto Labeling Error

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When uploading my TF web model to cloud annotations, I get the following error in console when trying to run auto label on an image:

Unhandled Promise Rejection: Error: The shape of dict['x'] provided in model.execute(dict) must be [1,320,320,3], but was [1,1,1,3].

Any idea how to fix this? I can provide additional info if needed.

My model is a custom trained YOLOv5s (converted to a tfjs web model) with the image size set to 320x320 during training and export.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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bourdakos1commented, Nov 19, 2021

That sounds good to me 👍

UPstartDevelopercommented, Nov 19, 2021

Hey @bourdakos1 - I’m another dev from @Panda64’s team:

We looked a bit into the kind of preprocessing in Mobilenet, and we’re thinking we’ll try to do the following to make our model work. We’re curious to hear if you’d have any additional thoughts on our approach:

  1. Convert the initial model (implemented in PyTorch) to a Tensorflow SavedModel format
  2. Add 2 additional layers to the tf model: 1. A Resizing layer to crop/pad the input images to be what the model expects (e.g. 320x320) (from Keras) 2. A Lambda layer we can use to standardize the pixel values to fall between [0, 1] (also from Keras)
  3. If all goes well, then go about the rest of steps like normal (e.g. converting to tfjs, and uploading it to IBM Cloud Annotations)
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