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add support for cloud-init drive as created by libvirt_cloudinit_disk

See original GitHub issue

I would like to use the cloud-init disk generated by I have an ubuntu regular cloud-init example usage at which I’m trying to port to windows.

Essentially, terraform-provider-libvirt creates a iso which is attached as a cd-rom to the VM. The cd-rom label is cidata and the root directory has the following files:

  • meta-data
  • network-config
  • user-data

As displayed by Windows Explorer:


I’ve tried to follow the cloudbase-init codebase and ended up at which checks for the label and some files. Is this the best place to add support for the cloud-init? or is it better to create an entire new metadata service class?

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  • Created 4 years ago
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ader1990commented, Oct 9, 2019

On another topic, you can easily generate custom Windows images using, with support for custom cloudbase-init config files, custom installers and much more.

ader1990commented, Oct 9, 2019

Cloudbase-init works on a plugin based framework. Available plugin docs:

As for the cloud-config example, cloudbase-init supports only setting timezone, hostname and write_file:

Your requirements:

Automatically expand the root disk if there is space available. – plugin available:

Change a user password: available for more advanced services, your options using config drive are limited to creating a cmd/powershell userdata that does that. For this feature there is (again) an older patch that adds cloud-config support, which you can use:

Format and initialize disks: not implemented, but you can fallback to the aforementioned userdata

Set IP configuration: not supported for NoCloudConfigDrive, you need to implement the network metadata parsing, as the plugin exists. For example, the config drive implementation: You need to implement for the NoCloudConfigDrive metadata service the get_network_details or get_network_details _v2 method.

Run commands: localscripts plugin or userdata.

Keep in mind that the userdata can be in MIME format:

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