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impala connection via sqlalchemy

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I’m new to hadoop and impala. After many days, I’ve managed to connect to using

from impala.dbapi import connect from impala.util import as_pandas conn = connect(host="",port=21050, database='tcad',auth_mechanism='PLAIN', user="alexcj", use_ssl=True,timeout=20, password="secret1pass")

cursor = conn.cursor() cursor.execute('SELECT * FROM bom_2014_m LIMIT 10') df = as_pandas(cursor)

Basically, I’m finally able to connect, query and create a dataframe from returned results.

Now, how do I connect to impala with sqlalchemy? I’ve seen

engine = create_engine('impala://localhost') in the test files but my connection string has whole lot more parameters than the host. How do I pass all my parameters above to create_engine? I’m designing a backend api with flask that will query from impala so this step is important. If you’re familiar with flask-sqlalchemy, I’d like to know exactly what to pass to SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI . If not, I’m willing to use sqlalchemy’s declarative extension hence this question. Thanks.

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pyite1commented, Sep 28, 2016
import sqlalchemy
def conn():
    return connect(host='some_host', 
                             user=user, password=pwd,

engine = sqlalchemy.create_engine('impala://', creator=conn)

you may or may not need some of those parameters

jrburriscommented, May 25, 2017

Does anyone know what is needed to connect to impala if we are using Kerberos?

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